Аккумуляторный опрыскиватель на колесах Marolex VX - интернет

Wheel Retractor

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The reservoir is required by the owner of the suburban area, who wishes to save plants from disease and seasonal pests. It distributes liquid containing plant-friendly substances.


The reservoir is operated by a battery charged to a normal power grid. Unlike traditional electrical sprayers, it does not need to be connected to the grid, so there is no wire that restricts its use radius.

There are several types of battery sprayers:

  • Range - wear on the owner ' s back;
  • wheel lockers are stronger and consequently heavier.

Battery devices are:

  • High productivity and efficiency;
  • Mobility;
  • amenities and simplicity.

Typically, such a retractor may work continuously for a few hours after it has to be connected to the electric rod for a time. As soon as the battery's charging is over, you can use the sprayer again. In practice, the use of battery models is cheaper than plant spraying by means of a gasoline device.

Accumulators are ideally suited to owners of small and medium-sized plots, they are designed for long-term operation and do not require difficult care. It is worth noting the absolute safety of this kind of gardening equipment.

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