Как выбрать садовый опрыскиватель: обзор основных видов

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Samchitis is the beautiful charm of your flower paintings.

Samshit is one of the oldest decorative artisanians used in landscape designs to green the territories and build living gardens. This tree belongs to the category of eternally green plants, so even in the winter, it makes its owner happy with a perfect view.
There are three areas in which Samshita (Buxusa) grows in nature: the African continent; the north of Mexico and Cuba. The largest natural distribution of the towing is the southern regions of the European continent, the Caucasus, China and Japan.

The summit has about 30 species of plants that grow in the Mediterranean and some regions of Asia. Each species has a set of unique features that distinguish it from the other classes: growth intensity, distribution, crust colour, shape and colour of leaves. In the horticulture, 95 per cent of the cases are found in the samel, eternal or ordinary (Buxus sempervirens). With regard to the cultivation of cadical plants, Chinese low-lying varieties are the most appropriate options.

The highest ever green is naturally spread in Mediterranean and Caucasus countries. Feels good both in half and in the sun. If you don't run a cut, it can reach 3 meters high.

The smallest is, unlike his previous relative, this carlix craft is less sensitive to winter colds. It is a descendant of South Asian families and is capable of withstanding a freeze of 30 degrees without shelter. It's priced for a compact shape and decorative nature of the crown.

The Balear Scheit is the largest family, its leaves reach 5 cm long. The Balear Islands of Spain are considered as native habitats. Distributed in mountains in southern Spain, Portugal and the Crimean coast.

The following varieties of tuxus of eternal green (Buxus semperv irens) are used to green gardens and parks:

Suffrochizosis is characterized by a strict vertical direction of growth;

Blauer Heinz - hard runs are strictly upward, growing very slowly, colouring blue leaves;