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Colours In Design

Important: Soliter should not be tall. Proportion is important for this emphasis. That is why very high plants with long vertical runs are not suitable for this role: boys, dolphins and others. They require the support, and without it, they do not withstand winds and very often drop colours. In addition, such plants on the open plane seem disproportionately high.
Of the large vertical plants, it seems good to be seen as collide corks - hybrid (Verbascum x hybridum), ordinary (Verbascum thapsus), purple (Verbascum phoeniceum), and cleavine (Ricinus) with large volumes and large leaves.

Important: The solar planting plant must be decorative throughout the season. That's another reason why boys or gladioloss don't fit as a clumbing slider. Their visible arrow runs with huge bottles of decorative, mostly during the flower. Of course, all the plant cycles have their beauty. I'm very fond of graphic boxes of mall seeds or lupines. But the role of salter is paradise. He has to play it all season.

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