GRINDA Fine Spray 8-425215 опрыскиватель садовый ранцевый 15л

Orchard Carpenter

Geolia's gardener is a great protector for pests, weeds and diseases. Prepared in China under the trade name GEOLIA. It's Leroy Merlen's own brand, producing tools for gardens. Used for the purpose of disinfecting household poultry and livestock, as well as as as a dispenser of various solutions in the repair and chemical processing of plants. The material made by the dispenser shall not be corrosive and shall not be susceptible to the acid-clay environment. The reservoir is composed of flasks, spray, and portable belts. It's painted in a nice green light, comfortable with the transport. The price depends on the amount of the sprayer. Buy a dispenser is a great decision for the Daci owner.

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