Фирма Цикл - это качественные товары в современном дизайне

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упаковка известь нашёная пушонкаThe protein of limestone is rarely used these days. But sometimes there are situations where you have to.

For example, renovations in an apartment for older parents who do not recognize other options other than limestone protein. Or repairing the class that your children learn.

Where limestone protein is used

The protein of the limestone is cheap, and it also has anti-septical properties. By virtue of being a good antiseptic, limestone protein is recommended for kindergartens, schools and health facilities.

The limb can be bleached in a garage or a basement, not expensive, and the white walls and ceiling will be light. The walls of the limestone are allowed. After drying, the limestone protein creates a solid film, and the protein won't stay on the clothes if you touch the wall.

The squirrel is used to separate humid visits by moisture.

валThe squirrel of the limestone disinfects the surface. For this reason, it is used for the protein of the horizon, smoking, cows and other livestock facilities.

In the gardens, the limestone protein cultivates the crust of trees.

How the walls and ceilings are right.

Finding a master who's gonna take this job is hard. It's not the cleanest job. I can't work for low pay. The payment he'll call would seem too high. So you're gonna have to be on your own.

кистьThe squirrel is limestone. with your hands. - It's not as complicated as unpleasant, it's not as bad as it is. Before work begins, close the floors and furniture with the film if there is no room for complete release. Prepare protective clothing.

Display on the protein

The flow of the protein depends on the method of application and on the surface being processed. The flow rate increases when the protein is applied. Brick walls will need more than smooth walls.

Approximate flow of 0, 5 l of prepared protein per m2.

There's a vengeance in the market, and it's not cheap. The gazeck is sold as a powder, a beacons, and a limestone test.

Pashonca's intestine is divided into 3 litres of water per kg of powder. You'll have six ls of protein. This protein will be enough for 12 m2 of the surface provided it's not a brick.

The finished limestone test is calculated at 1 kg of 3 l water test. Remember, one litre of protein can be bleached with two squares of walls, it's hard to calculate how much a limestone test is needed.

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