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How To Fix The Manual Impulse Retractor

Every horticulture has to process plants from time to time by various chemical products that protect them from harmful insects: bugs, gooses, tiles, etc. Different sprayers are used.

There are three main types of propellers: manual, battery and moto injection.

Hand sprayers are compact devices with a small liquid container (1-5 litres) equipped with a jacket. Such devices are often used for the processing of small room plants or in greenhouses. Their main advantage is a small weight that depends mainly on the volume and filling of the tank. The water tank is usually mounted from the bottom of the cutting, and it will not be refilled. By the way, the spraying radius of these aggregates is small (up to 3 m), so you don't think you can use it in the garden to process trees.

There are also manual aggregates with large tanks (up to 12 l) - impurities♪ The principle of their actions is very simple: you need to pump the air into the tank with a normal pump, after which, under pressure, the liquid will be applied to the spraying spray. By the way, it's better when such devices are in the form of an early: shoulder straps. Then you won't have to move a fairly cherished tank from place to place.

When processing large gardens or gardens, it's all over the place. It's better to use the automated sprayers. Such aggregates shall be used to generate pressure in the tank by an electric or petrol engine. But electrical devices need a battery to feed the engine. One battery charge time is 1-1, 5 hours. And that's enough to process the garden. But the price of such aggregates is quite high. It is therefore recommended that attention be drawn to the monitors.

The engines are equipped with a petrol engine and a fuel tank. Such devices may be operated without refuelling until 7 hours. By the way, a liquid reservoir has a large volume that sometimes exceeds 14 litres! The retractors are therefore fitted with a shoulder belt or fitted on a wheel trolley. When buying a sprayer on the trolley, pay attention to the length of the hose: if it is very short, it will be uncomfortable. It is desirable that its length be at least 3 mm.

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