Как выбрать садовый опрыскиватель: обзор основных видов

How Is The Impulse Retractor Working

The retractor is an effective device for the basic purpose of which the protection fluid is sprayed in gardens and gardens.


Depending on the volume, the orchard spray can be stabilised or manual. Hand sprayers are produced with a volume of 1 to 3 litres and are activated by a continuous application to a special lever and are mainly used in colouring.

The excavator has a larger volume of 10 litres and has a back. The activated is the movement of a special pen that can be adapted to one hand in virtually all models.

Another species of sprayers is hand-operated spraywhich has a bigger fan of spray and telescope. Such a model allows the leaning of high trees, not only superficial, but also falls inside the crown.

If trees are mostly predominant on your garden, then of course it is better to buy a hand-wrapper that belongs to the pomp category.