размножить петунию черенками

How To Multiply The Cheeks

размножение черенкамиAfter the plant has dried up in the room, it must be cut. Leave should not be more than 15 cm. Such a cut would help reconstruct the plant in the apartment.

In February, the petition was again cut off to encourage new escapes. The youngest runners are used for the line. To this end, the uppers of racing with 4-6 leaflets are cut. The two upper leaflets are halved and the lower is cut completely. Prepared curtains are processed in any foungicide and placed to feed into sand or perlite. The glazed glass bank or polyethylene receptacles with hair shall be placed in the heat (+21- +24 degrees C), a light protected from direct sun beams, a dosage point. Frequently, plants need to heal and float. Aboriginal plants are being scattered into larger receptacles. There's a petition in the middle of May. The planting pattern is the same as for a petition grown from seeds. Containers make a sealed landing. Modern hybrids of singing of some ample groups (surfine, supertunion, calahoa) are not multiplied by seeds. The penetration of a multi-year-old can be multiplied by these varieties. This is a good way, if you wish to retain for the next year any similar type of petition. For mosquito forms, tubes may be produced throughout the production period. The vials of the hike are ragen, from February to May, inclusive.