Опрыскиватели для сада в Калининграде: ручные, электрические


Any gardener is an autonomous system designed to disperse liquids necessary for the protection and feeding of plants in gardens, gardens and vineyards.

All such devices shall consist of a hose reservoir and a pump management system, depending on the design of which the following systems may be distinguished:

  • ие mechanical
  • ические electrical
  • овые petrol

In addition, they are divided into execution options

  • ые manual
  • ые wounds
  • ные wheel

Hand sprayer

If only a small number of plants are required to be processed, or there is a requirement that the price of the injection device be minimal, the choice in the first option can be stopped. They are used not only in the garden, but also in the premises, for example, in the spraying of domestic plants. These are light and ergonomic devices that have been made of environmentally sound plastics. They are provided with a water-strip adjustment system, as well as a filter that prevents a working soup.

Range sheep

Thanks to a very good price and functionality ratio, this is the most popular type of garden and garden spraying systems that often apply not only to spraying plants or artisanal people, but also to sanitary treatment.

The simplicity of the ranking systems is simplicity in application, and the fact that the main weight is a convenient strap container. The inside pressure is controlled remotely by a built-in tonemetre, and the head provides a uniform stream and has a simple belt adjustment system.

Gas injection

This is the most perfect device that can be successfully applied to both landing and small plantations or pets. Continuous and careful discharge of the liquid is guaranteed, and the exact string is adjusted to provide the most careful care.

Despite the relative complexity of such a system, the operator ' s own work is easy and pleasant, as the designers provide everything to ensure that all modes are as comfortable as possible, from accessible ergonomic handles and soft straps to the fitting tank and a small economic engine.