Как подсоединить шланг Xhose к водопроводу? Пара простых советов

How To Connect The Olive Hose

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Side hoses:

In the household, plumbing is not only applicable to the landing area. The need to wash the car on your own or to clean up a huge carpet without a olive hose. You don't get a car in the bathroom, and auto-services aren't always available, and dry cleaners aren't everywhere.

That's why our garden hoses are so popular with olive, black-green paint, with three-layer archiving. It's possible to use them at any time of the year, for a long time. When used and stored correctly, the hoses will serve at least eight years.

What's the advantage of our hose?
Through archiving, the surface of the garden hose is resistant to friction and protected from accidental rupture. The olive hose is diagnosed, making the hose flexible and durable at the same time. Heavy metals were not used in the material from which the plumbing hoses were carried out, making hoses perfectly safe for humans and the environment. Owing to the special composition, the inner floors of garden hoses are protected against the emergence and growing of a variety of algae that can be controversy in the hose when not water. Sad hoses are made of material that is not subject to rotting, reproaching, transfusing, changing its properties under sunlight and does not change its colour.

There are plumbing hoses in diameter. If necessary, you may choose the garden hoses of the required diameter from 12, 2 mm, 15, 8 mm, 19 mm, to 25 mm.

There are plumbing hoses with a length of twenty, twenty-five, fifty metres. If you need it olive hoses For more than 50 metres long, with additional olive hoses and several fluffs, you may mount hoses of any length.

With a muft, you can not only increase the total length of the hoses, but also connect the hoses of different diameters, seeking the necessary water belt for your work. The pressure on the tidal scatter on a good land and the pressure necessary for the quality washing of the car must be different.

Apart from the hose mixer, you may have additional a variety of sludges that allow us to use hoses for different types of verses.