Растягивающийся поливочный шланг

Connect The Olive Hose To The Cran

Group of GLOBUS International companies - authorised GF distributor in Russia and CIS since 1996.

GF is a full gamma for the spill.

The main area is the surface pond, and there are a number of products:


Муфта устанавливается на конце шланга.
Бывает 2-х типов с аквастопом и без.
АКВАСТОП блокирует поток воды при отсоединенном устройстве.
Быстросоединяемые муфты с аквастопом:
Для шланга 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" - артикул 3017.
Для шланга 1/2", 5/8" - артикул 3015.
Для шланга 3/4" - артикул 3012.
Переходник кран - линия Стандартные быстросоединяемые муфты:
Для шланга 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" - артикул 3027.
Для шланга 1/2", 5/8" - артикул 3020.
Для шланга 3/4" - артикул 3023.
Для большого напора и шланга 1" - артикул 3040.

  • Swimmers, crane adapters, muft transients, Russians are the most popular size of the 3/4-inch adaptors, and cutters 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1 are represented in the range.
  • The cut-off switch is an 11-16-mm adaptor, a 12-mm rifle switch, 18-mm inch, a cut-off.
  • Switches from 2nd and 5th exits and cranes, gas-cutting cranes (20-27 mm).
  • Rapid hose connections - open and stop-water system (avastopic) - to stop the flow of water when the sprinkler or tidal device is replaced - all sizes and universal. Open fast connectors shall be installed on the hose near the water supply cran and the aquastopic (water) connectors shall be installed at the end of the hose. Thanks to the aquastopic, you don't have to go to the crane and shut it down when you change the olive board, the water to stop itself when the gun is disconnected, the sprinkler, the washing, the shower or the rainbow. Again, the most popular size of the connector in Russia is for the hose 3/4 inches.

Pay attention to the quality of the GF connectors plastic! It's the highest! In contrast to Chinese products where the flexibilization and fragmentation of plastics for hose retention results in their breakdown, the Italian quality of plastic is guaranteed by GF.

Автоматическое соединение для шланга

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