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Side Hose With Gun

The most important condition for the fertility of any site is its timely tidal. The salvation for a land in today ' s world is intended to provide integrated irrigation systems. Although most old-fashioned pupils favour olive hoses, ordinary garden sprayers and other " manual " irrigation techniques. In some cases, such an approach is convenient and practical, but when the owner has a strong greenhouse, it is more appropriate to use specialized irrigation systems. Modern irrigation complexes are automated, equipped with waterway timers, making their operation very simple and convenient.

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1. The well-known horticultures are a flexible, small-diameter pipe that serves to supply water to the garden area for subsequent streaming or irrigation of plants. The catalogue contains various types of sludge hoses for the water, including:

- Traditional high-quality hose material;

tricanal perforated hoses for drip;

2. Axes for olive systems:

- hose cab;

- connector;

- The spray pistol is an important tool for creating and spraying the water's belt on the tidal, and is produced in two variants, with the tip and the sprayer. Using a olive pistol of both options, slurry water can be managed with a spray of 2 to 12.

Multifunctional rainers. The rainbow refers to tidal devices and serves for the equilibrium of plants and soil moisture according to weather conditions;

Switches for hoses;

- Pool sprayers;

- automatic tidal control units.

3. Mobile and manoeuvrable hose cartridges. A equipped wheel system, such a hose cab facilitates the maintenance and transport of the hose, ensures its correct storage.

4. The retractor is a tool for water and spraying (or other liquid for decontamination or surface application of fertilizer) of plants on the site.