Размножение фикуса в домашних условиях: черенками, листом, отводками

Reproduction Of Figs By Hair

фикус бенджамина размножениеContents:

Many of us, when mentioning ficuses, recall a rubber-cock who stole our houses in Soviet times. But lately, Benjamin's ficus is a huge and stunning bush, not the most demanding thing to do. Naturally, there's a question for the fans of this species: how do you multiply the figs? We've decided to talk about all possible options, and you choose the right one for your situation.

It's important that before we multiply Benjamin's ficus, the mother's plant is perfectly healthy. The best time for new people is spring and early summer, and then young escapes will be well rooted and strengthened by the beginning of the cold season.

как размножить фикус бенджаминаFicus Benjamin is multiplied by the following ways:

  • Screams;
  • cloning;
  • seeds.

Vegetation of figs

Breast breeding It is possible to apply to the vast majority of ficuses, not just this variety. It's the first thing to do with the tags. To this effect, the sharp knife must be cut to the upper, semi-resistant branches up to 15 cm. The cut shall be short. You can't bury curtains with scissors or blunt objects, they'll seal the fabrics of escapes and substantially freeze the velocity.

Large lacerations are being removed to prevent excessive vaporization of the moisture, and on average they leave three leaflets to the stem. The smear juice emitted in the cut quickly catches and fails to develop the root system. It must therefore be disposed of immediately after the stems are packed: it is possible to clean the juice under the water until it stops performing or to put a kettle in a clean water can and change it every two hours. After the juice stops, the cut needs to be freshened for a few hours.

In the warm water, the figs are buried pretty fast. To prevent rotting processes, add active carbon to the water and make sure the lower leaves do not touch water. The capacity of the derivatives shall be located on a sufficiently illuminated site, but not under the direct rays of the sun. As the water evaporates.

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