Дизайн интерьера дачи (фото, приемы, наши работы) - Арт Проект г

Disein Interior Of Dachi

The company ' s catalogue contains over 3,000 ready cottages and country houses from the red kernel. You can order a portfolio of designers and architects working with us. Leaders from the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries around the world presented their projects.

On the website of the exclusive representative of LINDAL in Russia, you can see a part of the design of the Daci or Bottom Interior. Each room is carefully planned: the features of the architecture that characterize the country style are taken into account, the functionality and the ergonomic of the premises are developed. You can see for yourself.

All work on the construction of the home ' s interior includes several main stages:

  1. Development of a sketch design project for the interior of the country cottage. Initial decisions are being made at this stage on the design, planning and prior zoning of space. The design of the sexes, ceilings and types of separate materials are also being considered.
  2. Visualizing the design of the Daci interior. Once one option has been approved, visualize the project in 3D programmes. This allows for an internship to be seen on the rooms of the future house.
  3. Establishment of a working project. At this stage, the entire construction project of the country cottage is under way. In this way, all necessary sequential materials, interior elements, household equipment and rim items are collected in detail.
  4. Development of Engineering Communications Project. This is one of the difficult but very important steps in the process of designing the Daci interface. The project includes many drawings, schematics and calculations for the establishment of heating and sewerage systems, water and energy, cable lines (Internet, telephone, television, etc.).
  5. Copyright oversight is required to monitor the interior decoration work under the project. Also in the process of work, there may be a need for corrective action (replacement of material, etc.). The author will be able to adjust the draft very quickly.

Choose a ready project or order the development of a personalized design of the interior of the country cottage, you may be on the site of the exclusive representative of LINDAL in Russia. Company manager ' s phones: +7 (495) 782-83-55.