Бегония вечноцветущая

Broadcasting Eternally Flourishing

Бегония уходBEGNIA originates from tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, America and Africa. The name of the plant was received in the honour of Michel Behon, Governor of San Domingo (Western part of Haiti), who was a great amateur of flowers. The fugitive family has about 1,000 species. The colors of the runaway are very popular as room plants because of the wide variety of colors and shapes of leaves, beautiful flowers.

Клубневая бегонияAll runners have same-sex (male and female) flowers. They can be artificially plumbed, then you can have the fruit of a box of very small seeds that can be used for running. The running distances are divided into three groups: tuber running In the underground part of the plant, tubers are used for reproduction; leaf runners do not have tubers, but the root is drowned, they are also used for multiplication, and a third group is bush running. These guys. multiplication runs They don't use the roots.

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There are artisanal, semi-human and grassy plants. In domestic settings, hybrid varieties are most common. Two kinds of runaways are used as the rabies of rooms: decorative flourishing and decorative leaf running.

Decorational flourishing, in turn, is divided into plants where the lines die, and the next generation of flowers grows out of tubers or (boat runners) the plant falls into a state of deep peace that it needs to provide. Another kind of decorative floating runners is eternal green racing that keeps the line around the year. These runners have less effective flowers.

Of the decorative flower runners, the most effective strawberry runners. The colors of these runners are machro and not white, cream-coloured to bright red. 5 to 15 cm flower. They usually have ample floats.

Цветы бегония Растения бегонии Размножение бегонии Садовые бегонии

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