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How To Make A Self-Propelled Jumper With His Hands

Пегас-Агро: Мы – тот самый пример импортозамещения, о котором все говорят, но мало кто делает" Every Zavod-Gigant " has started from something, and we are still very young " , notes the Director, Pegas-Agro, Svetlana Linnik, speaking of his young, but already known, in the Russian market, the producer of self-propelled traders of Tuman.

In an interview with Rosagrolysing, the head of the Samara factory described growth points and bold plans for the future.

Svetlana Anatolyevna, your factory has a very interesting history: in 1998, the enterprise began to operate as an airplane. How come the company came from the aviation to agriculture?

Almost all of our engineering staff are alumni at the aerospace University of Samara province. And we started with deltalets and small planes that were used for field chemistry.

We're inventive, so we've decided to get close, and in the early 2000s, we got about 2,000 hectares of land, started working. We are now growing to 16,000 ha, working on the no-till technology and showing good profitability. And then, naturally, the whole spectrum of agony that comes from a starting farmer. We've downloaded the question and found that no one in the world is working on airfields: expensive hectare cost, poor processing quality, weather dependence. And when we've all learned this through experience, we've learned that we need to get down from heaven to earth. Literally.

Our first self-propelled Tuman-1 spray was then developed. We didn't have the task of coping with an existing import analog. We're from aviation, and we've designed, following the principles of airlines: the machine should be as light as possible, as fast as possible, as strong as possible and without losing quality, to meet a wider range of tasks than imported self-propelled. That's why there's no similars to this car today, it doesn't look like another technique.

But we can't abandon our wings, our Pegas is a horse that falls in the field but with wings!

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