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What Olive Hose Should Be Chosen To Give

Дождик, лей: как выбрать инвентарь для поливаPhoto: Elena Elisseeva/

Good harvest is the target of any owner of the station. However, there is little landing or planting seeds unless they are properly cared for. Water is not only human life, but also for plants. Today, we'll find out how to choose the right inventory for the water. The one who will give the precious moisture to the future harvest will save your strength and time.


The most accessible and simple way to create artificial rain is leuka. Most often they are produced from " inertia " or literal plastics. The second one, by the way, is much easier to work because of their small weight. To work in the garden, an instrument of up to 10 litres with metal boarding. If your goal is to take care of the orange, there's a 5-litre leuke.

In both cases, it's better to pick copies with a long nose. Such a leuka model would be more universal: and the plants could be shelted (i.e., and accurate) and " capturing " . Pay attention to the sludges: they must be met from steel or zincled iron. Plastic detectors are cheaper, but short-lived, quickly feeding. Check before you buy, if the boards are tightly attached to the sock. In the case of weak laundry, the detector may, at the most responsible moment, break down, water the plant or worse, damage it.


If a large area of the fence is to be swept, don't go without a hose. It is usually a flexible tube. However, their diversity could be surprised at the store, as it was not just different material but also diameters. Let us push away from the mission of a good hose: to shed quality and not to cause headache to the owner. Therefore, we will not forget to draw attention to its flexibility, which guarantees the easy movement of the instrument at the site.

If the hose has an internal sip, it's great: the model like this will not be deformed and overkilled. The nature of the material is also not the last point. In today's realities, there's a great tempt to buy a hose cheaper, but it pays twice. For example, plastics, neural and plastics models are quickly frustrated, because they are sensitive to temperature overturns, mechanical " trumms " . But the rubber and PVC models will serve you for a season.

Special devices shall be attached to the good hoses for the connection with the water pipe and the sludge. The smooth surface is preferable to gophreated models where the slide between the " linings " is likely to be scattered. Moreover, the walls of the Harmony are not so long.


The gardeners also use sprayers. They're capable of creating a real rain on the precinct and humidating the site evenly. Their application is basic: the sprayer shall be connected to the hose in the appropriate location. Turn on the crane, enjoy the artificial rain.

It is true that the choice of the breeder will take much longer than its installation. It can be in a fixed arc that sprays water through small holes and in the form of a shell. The latter shall be placed in the centre of the area to be filled. The sprayer may have a strap adjustment, but may also be circumvented by one mode (large or small drops only). An artificial rain tool may also have " specialization " for round cloams, gas and streams.

Sprinklers can be chosen both simple and more complex, for example, underground (which moves out of the ground before the pole and then fall back).