Купить Шланг поливочный 3/4 50м STARTUL GARDEN (ST6001-3/4-50)

Shalang Olive 3 4 50M

Armated olive PVC 1/2, buchet 50m UNIPUMP.
Produced by an estrucionary method of polymer material, sealed with synthetic filaments. Used as flexible piping for drinking and technical cold water. Used for domestic needs - tidal, water from well or well to house. The same applies in industry - in engineering, food, processing and other industries.
Depending on the applicable PVC, plastics may be produced:
transparent with yellow tone, or slightly green blue;
not transparent;
At the request of the customer, different colours may be coloured.
Technical characteristics of the PVC hose armed, olive 1/2:
Material - PVC;
Diameter 1/2.
Length - 50 meters (bottle) ;
Operating temperature (recommendable) - 18 +-5 °C;
Acceptable operating temperature ( static loads) - from -30 °C to +45 °C;
Working pressure - 3 bar;
Maximum pressure - 6 bar;
Bukhta (approximate) - Ø550x300mm;