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Repair Of Gardening Equipment In Moscow

We're working in the afternoon from 9:00 to 18:00.
There's an instrument acceptance point on weekends.

Having taken care of their household, garden, landing, lots try to buy quality equipment. Even reliable equipment from the best manufacturers can be out of order. In this case, the question arises:

STIHL Service Centre and VIKING

Grand Instrument Service STIHL and VIKINGoffers you quality repair and maintenance of these stamps. We provide security and repairs to the benzoning tool for any difficulty, and only the original parts of Steel and Viking are used. Grand Instrument specialists have considerable experience in the repair of Stile and Viking equipment, and are engaged in the maintenance of various types of equipment.


The repair of the benzoinstrument has its characteristics and complexity, so it can only be trusted by professional masters. Trying to fix the wreckage on your own, or with dubious external assistance, you can completely decommission the equipment. By trusting your technique to our masters, you can be confident of their professionalism. Our service will offer the original parts for Stihl benzopils.

SKAT maintenance centre

SCAT gas stations, diesel generators, SKAT motops, gasoline engines, as well as other equipment of this manufacturer, are often called a safety reference and a better price and quality ratio. However, the proper maintenance and repair of these equipment are essential. As you look to our experts on these issues, you may be confident that your equipment is under professional control. We do what we do. Safeguards and after-safety repairs of CCAT equipment

As you go to Grand Instrument, you get a lot of advantages:

  • Secure diagnostics and professional repairs Petrol and gardening Equipment
  • Timely guarantee services
  • Estimated prices for all work performed
  • You get a job guarantee for up to six months.
  • Customer care and high service
  • High functionality of equipment under our control.