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Keeping The Garden Inventory With Your Hands

Where do you keep it?

It's the most common place. To take care of the garden and keep the house in order, a large number of tools and tools are needed, and together with them, and places to hide them. If there's a master in the house, a gardener or a tech reader, it's gonna take more.

A separate entrance from the street. This is convenient when the instrument and garden tools are stored in the household, with which dust and dirt are brought into the house.

Closer to where they use it. This is the best way to have a tool. Minor home repair tools can be located in a special locker in the hall or near the kitchen. It's not worth keeping the cosils and the other heavy equipment in the basement. It's hard to wear it down the stairs.

Good vent and low temperature in this room is mandatory. In winter, the bulbs, tubers and garden roots can be stored (recommendable temperatures 5-10°C) and, if there is a window in the room, there are boxes of balcony plants.

Carbon for tools in the garage is convenient.

Permanently assigned location. The storage of tools and garden tools in the garage can be conditioned that it is conveniently located and securely secured on its own location, so it does not pose a threat to the vehicle. Small tools can be stored on shelves or tumbs with sliding boxes. The tools needed for homework and car repairs are better placed in a separate corner.

Easy access. The gasoline, the car and the other large, commonly used inventory should be placed closer to the entrance. Main garden tools and long-handed equipment will be more comfortable on the backs of the garage, which will require an area of about 1, 5 m2. To be easy to remove and hang them, the distance between the garage wall and the vehicle shall be at least 80 cm.