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"Hi everyone!

A very big welcome to our website - designed to connect you with craft classes, workshops and craft events in the Scarborough, Ryedale and North Yorkshire area

There's a huge Craft Revolution going on: Pop-up Village craft markets, new workshop venues opening and pockets of innovative creativity that I know will interest you

Although we're retired now (after 10 years) from providing an inspiring place for you to grow your creativity, we can still help by pointing you in the right direction through our informative, and funny, newsletter. Sign up here for an interesting read and a good laugh

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Keep your eye out as we'll be adding to the website with lots of new information very soon!"

         -  Chrissy and Ian



Belmont Upholstery Workshop

Belmont Upholstery Caning Workshop


Belmont Upholstery - Chair Caning Restoration Workshop

The very talented Anne Miller is putting on a fabulous chair caning restoration workshop in her premises in Wrelton early next month

We shall be featuring Anne in one of our upcoming newsletters but in the meantime we just wanted to mention this forthcoming workshop that she is running from her own lovely studios in the heart of Ryedale

If you are interested in attending this workshop, call Anne on 01751 476931


Burniston Flower Festival

Burniston Flower Festival


The Lovely Things People Say...

"Good luck in your future lives, and thanks for making me chuckle and keeping me motivated over the years" - Jo Hepworth

"But most of all, what would I do to cheer myself up every month if I didn't have Ian's quips in the newsletters to look forward to?!" - Helen Bean

"Good luck to both of you. I would miss your hilarious newsletters Ian, and Chrissy's fantastic creative ideas!" - Claire Edwards 

"Thanks for the inspiration you have given me (I don't know if you are aware how you spark off notions) and the effects on my creative confidence, thank you Chrissy!" - Meg Hodgson

"I love your email newsletters - always very cheering!" - Yoland Guthrie

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